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The 25 Best Shoes From Nordstrom That Will Elevate Your Style

December 22, 2022 at 07:59PM

My one-bedroom apartment is seriously lacking in square footage, but I can still confidently say there’s no such thing as owning too much footwear. Even though I’m a fashion writer, I always run into the predicament of not having the *right* shoe to go with my outfit, to which I end up cursing the very thought of Kim Kardashian’s colossal closet in jealousy. (I’m human, after all.)

That said, I don’t buy shoes on a whim, either. I like them to be equal parts trendy and classic, so I wear them way beyond a single season – and my go-to place to scoop them up is Nordstrom. Whether I’m looking for a new pair of work shoes for a special event, running sneakers for marathon training, or cute boots for a winter outing, I know that the retailer will never disappoint.

So if you’re like me and always in need of giving your footwear collection a refresh, I’ve rounded up 25 pairs of top-rated shoes perfect for this winter and beyond.

– Additional reporting by Lauren Harano


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