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Tap Into TikTok’s French-Girl Aesthetic With These Chic Berets

January 07, 2023 at 01:00AM

In an era dominated by reimagined trends, niche styling hacks, and TikTok fads that come and go so quickly you can almost get whiplash simply by paying too close attention to them, there’s something so timeless and endearing about French-girl fashion. The aesthetic certainly isn’t new to the mainstream, but pop culture phenomenons like “Emily in Paris” have reminded us of the trend’s effortless, understated nature – carrying with it a certain je ne sais quoi (sorry, we had to) that manages to even transcend generational fashion. And at the forefront of the French-girl aesthetic is none other than the classic beret cap.

It’s true: upon visiting the City of Lights, you’ll find no shortage of locals and tourists alike donning the chic accessory (likely with a baguette in tow, too). But over the last few years, luxury brands and fashion labels have proven that the versatility of berets actually extends far beyond the city limits of Paris – with designers styling them on the runways, celebrities like Rihanna and Bella Hadid incorporating them into their street style looks, and even social influencers making the case for the sophisticated accessory as a day-to-day staple.

If you’ve debated experimenting with beret hats in your own wardrobe, now’s the perfect time – especially since berets are predicted to trend in big ways this year. Make like the French, and browse our guide to the best berets for women below. From top-rated Kangol berets and patterned styles to classic Basque berets and even a designer cap or two, each of these timeless accessories will help you to incorporate a more Parisian flair into your wardrobe – and may even inspire your next European trip in the process. Keep reading to shop our selects!


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