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Shop the Balletcore Fashion Trend as Seen on TikTok

January 11, 2023 at 11:40PM

Grace and elegance define the art of ballet, and who doesn’t want to be described as graceful and elegant? Hence the balletcore aesthetic: a fashion trend that incorporates elements of ballet style into everyday wear. It’s a movement that’s been on the rise for years, but TikTok has given it its well-deserved spotlight. If the idea still sounds confusing, think ballet flats; which have been a long staple of ballet dancers; tights that can be worn with skirts and dresses; tulle skirts that incorporate a girly, playful touch; and corset-style dresses and tops that are ideal for day or nighttime wear.

This trend extends far beyond TikTok (despite the spotlight it’s given it), as it’s appeared both on runways and in street style. Balletcore plays up our feminine sides in a high-spirited way and is relatively easy to adopt into everyday wear. From leg warmers to frilly wrap sweaters, there are so many fun ways to incorporate this trend into day-to-day wear. After all, fashion inspiration comes from all over – so why not lean into ballet?

Whether it’s through shoes, leotards, skirts, or activewear, this trend is all about embracing the elegance and grace of ballet in a modern, wearable way. If this interests you, take a look at the best balletcore styles on the market to incorporate into your closet ahead.

Best Balletcore Accessories

Best Balletcore Dresses

Best Balletcore Shoes

Best Balletcore Skirts


Best Balletcore Tops


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