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Sarah Hyland on Her Engagement Ring Ancestry and Style Connection to Haley Dunphy

January 18, 2023 at 07:35PM

Sarah Hyland and husband Wells Adams have enamored fans with their red carpet appearances, lavish California wedding ceremony, and stunning honeymoon photos. Their latest adventure is a deep dive into their family histories with , where they uncovered facts via a game show-style Q&A called “2 Lies & A Leaf.”

The duo was surprised to discover that “Bachelor in Paradise” bartender Adams’s roots can be traced back to the American Revolution. Hyland, on the other hand, was thrilled but not shocked to learn that her great-great-grandmother, Leona Hawkins, was a hat milliner. “This is all checking out. Sarah loves hats,” Adams exclaims in the video.

Hyland loves hats so much, in fact, that she made a connection between her love of hats and that of her “Modern Family character Haley Dunphy. "If I can say out loud with confidence that I look good in hats, obviously Haley looks better in hats, because Haley’s just a better looking version of myself,” she told POPSUGAR.

Another similarity to the Dunphy story arc? Leona’s sister Lucy was a doctor and Haley’s sister Alex majored in biochemistry, both sharing a love for the sciences. “[Their occupations] show that they’re very similar to Haley and Alex, even though Haley and Alex are not real people,” Hyland shares. “It goes to show that that type of sister dynamic really does come from a place of truth, and that place of truth lies within my ancestors, which is really cool.”

Image Source: Above: Haley Dunphy wears a hat in “Modern Family” season six.

Ahead, watch Hyland and Adams play “2 Lies & A Leaf,” and read our full interview with Hyland, where she talks about her ancestry, her love of hats, and the story behind her engagement ring.



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