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How To Make a Salt Scrub Recipe

How To Make a Salt Scrub Recipe

December 13, 2022 at 10:17PM

Looking to learn how to make a salt scrub recipe? This basic body scrub recipe will help you customize it to your liking so you can maximize the detox benefits of this therapeutic scrub. Most of you probably know how different C and I am so it’s rare we have a joint activity we both enjoy. The spa is one of the few exceptions. I’m actually not a big massage person but I love a good, relaxing water circuit and so C and I try to make a point of visiting one every month or so. Now before the judgment comes let me preface this by also saying that I love a good deal. There’s a zero percent chance I’m going to monthly water spa circuits if I’m not getting some kind of deal involved. Half the experience is actually getting the deal! I am my mother’s daughter… Once a month or so C and I would go on Tuesdays to the Kabuki spa is San Francisco. They have a Tuesday special where the water circuit is $25 a person. And it’s also the only day that it’s co-ed. So occasionally C and I would play hookie and go for […]

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