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20 Pieces of Personalized Jewelry You’ll Want to Wear Every Single Day

December 09, 2022 at 01:25AM

Jewelry is, in our opinion, the accessory that might bring us the most joy; it adds just the right amount of sparkle and shine to any look, even sweatpants. In fact, especially sweatpants; we’ve found that while staying at home, the addition of cute hoops or a fun necklace has the ability to boost our mood, even when we’re living in loungewear. Lots of times, jewelry is sentimental, and there’s something so special about a personalized piece.

If you would like to get something to wear every day or are looking for a standout gift, these 20 pieces can all be personalized with anything you want. Whether you want to wear your own initials, the name of someone you love, or just a cherished word or phrase, it’s all possible with these unique items. We’re particularly sweet on the cool love lock necklace, a unique ring you can have engraved with coordinates of an important place in your life, and rainbow enamel initial earrings that look like a party. Keep on reading to shop our picks, and if you shop now, some of these pieces will still arrive in time for the holidays.


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