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11 Leg Warmers to Help You Channel Peak Balletcore Vibes

January 04, 2023 at 09:47PM

In this week’s episode of “Retired Fashion Trends That Have Been Revived by TikTok,” we have an ‘80s-inspired staple: leg warmers. The cozy accessory first gained traction back in the era of whimsical leotards, matching tights, and those unforgettable workout VHS tapes led by the aerobic queen herself, Jane Fonda. While leg warmers have primarily been donned by dancers and ballerinas in an effort to prevent leg cramps, they’ve since been reimagined to be worn in a variety of ways: under boots, over leggings as a cozy layer for runners and cyclists, and now, according to TikTok, as an alternative way to embrace the internet’s latest aesthetic obsession, balletcore.

While the ballet fashion fad is inspired by the effortlessly feminine uniform of the sport, you don’t actually have to be a prima ballerina to tap into the trend – as regularly demonstrated by celeb fans of the accessory like Bella Hadid and Jennifer Garner. Whether you’re an avid yogi in need of a flexible pair of leg warmers to stretch in, a runner looking to add an extra layer of warmth to your workout ensemble, or just a fashion-lover hoping to breathe new life into TikTok’s balletcore trend, we’ve found the best leg warmers for any athlete or style icon.

From thermal leg warmers to knitted styles and even a pair from Amazon that look like the perfect dupe for a supermodel-loved style, our team of shopping experts has curated the ultimate guide for the best leg warmers to buy now and wear all winter long – with styles starting at just $5. Browse through a few of our favorites ahead!


The Best Leggings to Conquer Your Workout

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